Looking for reliable Technicians to accomplish any type of work on any types of furniture, Style Furniture Service Inc can help you in order to satisfy your customers and maintain the professional image that clients admire.

Overwhelmed with exchanges and unsatisfied customers, contact Style Furniture Service Inc. Our highly-trained technicians have superior products and techniques to restore all kinds of furniture; we can assure you of no more complaints about service and work quality.

Style Furniture Service Inc is dedicated to providing outstanding service while assuring competitive pricing and experience you can count on. Please do not hesitate to contact Style Furniture Service Inc to request further information about our services; it will be great pleasure to inform and accommodate your corporation.

Leather and VinylServices

Our professionals from Style Furniture, can repair damaged leather on any of your furniture’s. We specialise in repairs such as cracks, holes, rips, scratches, stains, burns and can also refurbish damages caused by pets.
We are a team of trust worthy technicians who can restore, re-dye clean and renew all types of damages on your favorite furniture, the result will be like new, Guaranteed!


Style Furniture specializes in any type of upholstery work such as padding, spring, webbing, tufting’s, frame damage and even foam issues on any types of furniture and material. We are highly capable of providing professional service and we guarantee customer satisfaction. For more information contact Style furniture.


Our trained Technicians from Style Furniture, contains experience in repairing any type of mechanical issues. Our Technicians can adjust, weld or even change the mechanism on your furniture. We are able to restore into good condition. Style furniture can assure repairs to your satisfaction.


Style Furniture can repair fabric furniture as well. Our technicians have great knowledge in stitching. With their expertise, stitching can be repaired on any damaged seam areas. Zippers can be replaced as new. In case, of dirt on your fabric our experts can also do the cleaning for you.


Having trouble with your electrical furniture! Our Professionals can help. With our tools, we can verify the wires and determine the source of the problem upon our visit. We can modify or even change the defective part to restore your furniture has good as new.